We are Thareon Labs. Technology leader in radar tracking and classification of Rogue Drones.

Thareon Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Braeban offers a wide range of aerospace and defense solutions and possesses superior expertise in cutting-edge defense electronics technologies. Catering to the evolving needs of the defense sector, providing advanced systems, equipment, software and services. As one of the most promising aerospace companies in the US, Thareon plays a vital role in bolstering America’s defense capabilities and contribute to the country’s self-reliance in defense manufacturing. Thareon fosters collaboration with domestic and international partners, driving technological advancements and serving as a driving force behind the nation’s aerospace and defense sector.








Fully integrated counter-drone solutions

Thareon is an autonomous and integrated counter-drone solution providing detection, tracking, identification, and mitigation – all in one system, including a C2 module.


Plug & play 24/7 autonomous monitoring and alerting, even during nighttime & beyond visual line of sight. Detect unlimited number of drones, even when GPS spoofing or jamming are present.


Monitoring drone height and speed, locating both drone coordinates and remote control last known location. While performing mitigation, Thareon keeps tracking other drones.


Providing user-level identification, including:

• Drone vendor
• Drone type
• Serial number.


Two available mitigation options: Disconnecting drone from remote control, bringing to safe altitude, landing safely in designated area OR Smart disconnect.

Quickly identify security breaches 24/7 in today's evolving threat landscape.

Whether in the desert, the snow, or the jungle – the protection of military assets is of great importance.

Airports around the world remain on high alert to the threat of illegal drone activity within restricted airspace. While many incidents are a result of misadventure (clueless & careless) some are carried out with malicious intent (criminal), forcing aircraft to be redirected and airports to temporarily shut down operations.

A growing concern

For the past 5 years, drones have been bypassing traditional security measures designed to protect sensitive sites around the world. This emerging threat requires radical changes from the entire security industry, pivoting from a 2D approach to a 3D one able to fight off these new aerial challenges.

The stakes are very high, as drones constitute the perfect accessible tool for criminals to attack our societies with total impunity.

Braeban’s THAREON system secures its clients’ near airspace with high-tech solutions. To cope with the asymmetrical threat posed by drones, THAREON aims at democratizing high-performing solutions to protect the many with its unique approach:

Highest Cost-Efficiency on the market

Mobility and Simplicity of use

Modularity and Upgradability

Long Range Thermal Night Vision

Integrated Camera Systems

Defense Electronic Sub-systems

Complete System Engineering solutions for Aerospace & Defense.

THAREON® Counter-Drone Radar

THAREON® combines smart software, with affordable radar, and is built explicitly for drone detection and tracking. With 360-degrees azimuth coverage and a huge elevation coverage of 60-degrees, THAREON® provides you with early warning of approaching drones, in all directions, giving you precious time to react. And the high elevation coverage means you don’t have to worry about drones coming in over the top of your radar.


Height information is particularly important for cueing cameras and other sensors and weapon systems.

That’s why IRIS®  tracks drones in full 3D, providing accurate height information for quick and smooth detection and mitigation of rogue drones.


Size does matter. Today’s drone threat calls for small and lightweight drone radars AND excellent detection range and coverage. Most radars do one or the other. With IRIS®, we refused to make that compromise.


Drones can be pre-programmed for autonomous flight with no operator and can approach in swarms. Any drone detection system needs to be capable of detecting multiple targets simultaneously. IRIS® can detect and track hundreds of drones at the same time.


IRIS’s micro-Doppler capability provides the necessary confirmation that a target has rotor blades.

It’s also what allows IRIS® to detect hovering drones, and to distinguish drones from other moving objects, like birds, avoiding false alarms.