Challenges Facing the Environmental and Energy Sectors


The energy industry is a billion-dollar operation that requires costly equipment and manpower for installation and repairs.


Site surveying and equipment monitoring is costly and limited. There are considerations that engineers could not assess on their own from the ground.


The nature of energy operations is high-risk, involving sometimes life-threatening situations for personnel.


The equipment necessary to provide energy and usable electricity to people is always in need of inspection or repair.


Manual repairs and surveys can take lengthy amounts of time to remediate and assess.


Custom Drone Solutions for the Environmental and Energy Sectors

As aerial intelligence is gaining increasingly more attention in both the private and public sectors, it is worth taking a closer look at the reasons behind the success of drone technology.

Wind Turbine Inspections

Pilots can gain quick access to turbines and capture high-pixel quality images, allowing users to inspect the state of the blades. 3D images can be generated so that engineers and operators can get a better view of damages, erosion, or cracks without the need to temporarily turn the turbine off. Advanced analytics can provide accurate and real-time results about changes or repairs that need to be made.


Solar Energy

Sophisticated drone software can help find the best spots for solar panel placement. Algorithms determine solar panel placement and factor in dozens of considerations that engineers would not. In addition, thermal and infrared imagery cameras allow drones to assess the productivity of solar panels.


Site Inspections

Braeban drones are able to aerially assess sites and send back data analysis in real-time to production engineers. They are also being used for validation of installations, security assessments, monitoring of resources, and monitoring of workers. They are also deployed to assess the full reach of power outages, during a catastrophic event.


Power Transmission & Distribution

Electric and Renewable Energy companies use Braeban drones to perform infrastructure inspections required for preventative maintenance, minimizing man-hours and downtime while improving safety.


Data Collection

Capture the intricate details of critical assets using Braeban’s DGCA certified A200-XT drone with advanced camera payloads. Our proprietary automated flight paths ensure repeatable and accurate data capture of videos and images.

Data Processing & Analysis

Process high-resolution drone data and generate meaningful insights through SkyDeck, Braeban’s cloud-based platform:

Analyze the details of the physical state of the assets and detect anomalies on 2D maps, 3D digital twins, and video captures.

Consolidate and record the data of periodic inspections on a single platform for historical change analysis and compliance.

Data Delivery

SkyDeck, our end-to-end drone to data cloud platform delivers accurate inspection data and reports that can be used to collaborate with multiple stakeholders easily and make informed decisions.

Elevate your operations with Braeban

A fixed-wing VTOL UAV is easy to employ and operate and is an accessible tool for virtually anyone who is ready to explore drone security. A drone can be conveniently transported, quickly collected and ready for an operation in a few minutes. Unlike traditional aircraft, they do not require a runway for take-off or landing, allowing them to be deployed in a variety of environments.

Some drones are even capable of performing missions fully autonomously, eliminating the need for constant human control. This makes any surveillance

and mapping task go smoothly from the beginning to the point of packing the drone back up.

With the rapid acceleration of technology in recent years, the gap between commercial and military drones is closing rapidly. Today, VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) UAVs offer a serious alternative to traditional military drones, with longer flight times, improved sensors, and military-grade capabilities.

Braeban vtol Drone

Braeban offers advanced features and exceptional performance. With over 4 hours of flight time, up to 270 km range, dual payload bays, and high-quality composites, it provides versatility and superior functionality.

What also sets Braeban apart is our commitment to openness. We prioritize collaboration and integration with application partners, allowing clients to expand the functionality of their drones with third-party software. By choosing Braeban’s VTOL UAV, you can avoid vendor lock-in and customize your drone’s capabilities according to your specific needs. Experience the freedom and flexibility to optimize your aerial operations with Braeban.


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